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Basic FPV and video recording on the Conscendo S

Since I purchased the Conscendo S, I’ve played around with a number of different FPV setups.¬†At first, I took the camera/transmitter from the Eflite FPV Vapor and mounted it on the top hatch. This worked alright, but I quickly grew tired of having a range of only a few hundred feet. I upgraded to a better camera and more powerful transmitter, which worked great, except for the hacked up mount made from foam and duct tape. I found a model for a mount for my camera, and with a few changes to increase the height off the fuselage and a quick print, I had a much cleaner setup for my plane.


Also visible in the above image is the Mobius mount. Here is a video from the first flight with the new setup:

I was unhappy with the angle of the mobius mount, so I went back to the drawing board and came up with this:


I used a dremel to remove the old mount, and after some more printing and gluing, I have a mount with an adjustable angle.