Toolcart with 3D printed joints


I’ve been wanting a tool cart with exposed tools ever since I saw Adam Savage’s Tool Storage Stands, and it seemed like the perfect project to test the 3D printed joints I’ve been working on. As with many of my projects, this wasn’t fully planned from the beginning, but rather evolved as I worked on it.

I first designed the frame. At ~2 hours printing time per joint, this ended up being a fair amount of printing, but I had it done in a day or two. After cutting the wood to length, I was ready to begin assembly.



After completing the bottom frame, I added the rails for the organizers.


Next I started work on the top frame. The top frame attaches to the bottom frame, but is removeable.


At this point I decided I wanted trays on the bottom of the top frame, so I went back and designed some new pieces.


At this point I was pretty close to being finished, but I decided I wanted a drawer in the extra space in the bottom frame. Of course I had to build the drawer with 3D printed joints as well.




I printed a handle for the drawer, and called it complete. I still have room to add more tools, and at some point I’d like to add better casters, but It’s very functional in its current form.


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